Alaska Court System
Jury Service Reminders

Jury Service Reminder Sign-Up Instructions

The Alaska Court System offers jury service reminders through text messaging. Simply sign up with your mobile device and follow the instructions. You will receive a text reminder before your service begins.

Jury Service Reminders provided by the Alaska Court System are courtesy reminders only. If you do not receive the text message reminder for any reason, it is still your responsibility to call the recorded message as instructed by your service reminder letter.
The court system will not charge you any money to use our courtesy service. However, your phone carrier may charge you money to send and receive text messages.

Trial jurors summoned from the following courts are eligible to sign up for text message reminders:

All grand jurors are eligible to sign up for text message reminders.

Quick Access

For quick access, scan or tap the following QR Code with your mobile device:

Step 1

Locate your Juror Summons Number on your Summons Postcard.

Step 2

Text your Last Name followed by your Juror Summons Number to 1-307-317-4409.

You should receive the following reply:

Found Jury Service for <your last name>, DOB xx/xx/<the year in which you were born>, in <location of Jury Service>. Would you like a reminder? (Reply Yes or No)

Step 3

Reply with Yes.

You should receive the following reply:

Sounds good. You will receive a call-in reminder the Friday before your term begins. Visit the Jury Service web page (<a random URL>) for more information. --Alaska Court System

Step 4

Check your status any time by texting Status.

You should receive a reply confirming or denying your Jury Service Reminder status.

More Information

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ.